Culinary arts promoted among Jordanian youth

22 March 2010

Amman – As Jordan’s hospitality sector develops and grows, so does the demand for skilled hospitality workers. To help mitigate this demand, specifically in the area of culinary arts, the USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project II has made funds available to boost interest in this field and attract more Jordanian students, particularly women, to enroll at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA). The USAID tourism project awarded a grant to RACA to support its marketing activities and offer scholarships to women interested in studying at the academy. These scholarships were officially announced at a ceremony held this morning.


The USAID grant is supporting RACA to promote its culinary art diploma to a wider audience by engaging the public at large as well as perspective students for its 2010 intakes. The aim is to create interest among more young Jordanians, particularly women, to enter the hospitality field.


“We are pleased and thankful for this partnership with the USAID tourism project. The scholarships made available for Jordanian women are an expression of confidence in the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts,” said Mr. Rajaie Al Khaiyat, Project Manager, of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.


“The hospitality sector is in need of graduates educated and specialized in related fields such as culinary arts, and we are supporting women to pursue this diploma, as well as creating greater awareness among young Jordanians of the promising careers that such a degree could offer them,” said Mr. Ibrahim Osta, Chief of Party of the USAID tourism project.


Through the grant, RACA will step-up its marketing activities and generate awareness of culinary arts and the diploma offered by the academy through online networking, TV and radio shows and improving the distribution and reach of print media. This work is already underway and an awareness campaign was launched in the last quarter of 2009 targeting Tawjihi graduates for the 2010 programs. The campaign includes reaching out through online social networks and hosting representatives from the academy on popular radio and TV shows.


These activities will serve to increase awareness of RACA and its unique offering and ultimately, in the longer term, help address the acute shortage of local qualified professionals. The grant is also being used to offer scholarships to 10 female students to cover part of the tuition fees for the 2010 diploma program.


The grant will effectively double the reach of the academy’s marketing activities and promote culinary arts among young Jordanians as an exciting and promising career option.


RACA opened its doors in 2008 and offers a two-year diploma in Culinary Art to help address the need for skilled chefs in Jordan and equip Jordan’s hospitality sector with its future leaders, trendsetter and innovators. It offers a two-year diploma in Culinary Arts, which is taught by experienced industry chefs, and has the capacity to graduate 180 students each year.