Research on UK market to improve promoting for Jordan

29 September 2009


Amman To improve marketing of Jordan as a tourism destination, and focus messages towards one of the country’s key markets, the Jordan Tourism Board in partnership with USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project II is undertaking a UK Qualitative Research project in London and Manchester.


Siyaha II has been guiding the development of the UK Qualitative Research Project, which is part of an overall plan to capture the insights and motivations for potential visitation to Jordan. The results of the research will be presented in full to stakeholders following analysis. The agency will also participate in a workshop to industry in Jordan on the UK market, providing insights and full immersion in the UK market as well as results in regards to the UK market perception of Jordan, Jordan experiences. In addition the question of seasonality, length of stay, cost and dispersal will be addressed.


“In the first half of this year the UK market made up almost 11% of visitors from Europe to Jordan and the potential for increasing this number is promising,” said Mr. Nayef Al Fayez, JTB Director. “This research will help us to customize our promotion efforts to the specific requirements of this market, and thus attract more visitors.”


“Marketing is a key element in developing Jordan’s tourism industry and we are supporting the JTB’s efforts to augment promotion and tailor marketing campaigns based on specific and detailed research,” said Mr. Ibrahim Osta, Chief of Party of the USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project II.


The research opportunity has also been leveraged to investigate the potential of the UK market for Aqaba, and specific focus has been included on Aqaba with the objective of gaining insight on the propensity of the UK market to consider Aqaba as a destination. The research team will present all findings on Aqaba to stakeholders and facilitate an industry workshop to present results and provide insights into accessing and developing the UK market. 


Dr. Belal Bashir, ASEZA Deputy Chief Commissioner & Commissioner for Investment, said, “This information will feed into Aqaba’s tourism marketing strategy and help to attract more visitors from the UK by making them aware of what the resort city can offer.”                                            

While Aqaba has made huge progress in developing its tourism sector, multiple large-scale hotel development projects are underway that will bring the total number of rooms to around 8,000 in five years time. The Aqaba Tourism Marketing Strategy was recently updated to strengthen marketing and increase visitor numbers to meet the increased supply in order to avoid low occupancy rates, and this research will help to achieve this goal.