Higher Education Institutions for Tourism and Hospitality getting prepared for an international certification

1 October 2012


Amman – To further boost tourism and hospitality education in Jordan, the USAID Jordan Tourism Development project (Siyaha) is supporting Jordan's colleges and universities offering full-time tourism and hospitality programs in obtaining the TedQual certification, which is provided by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). A workshop was organized by USAID/Siyaha to introduce universities and colleges to the UNWTO TedQual certification process.


“In an increasingly competitive and ever evolving sector like tourism, qualified and innovative human resources are the foundation of success”, said Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary General. “Education and capacity building are thus one of UNWTO’s main priorities; we are very pleased to see USAID supporting this effort in Jordan and trust that the UNWTO TedQual certification will build up the competitiveness of Jordan as a tourism destination”, he added.


"We are pleased to lead such a major initiative towards enhancing tourism and hospitality education in Jordan and promoting the country as a regional center of excellence in this field," said Beth S. Paige, Mission Director, USAID Jordan. "This orientation workshop will help three institutions obtain TedQual certification and will also encourage others to work harder in order to improve standards and strive for the certification in the future," he added.


The UNWTO.TedQual Certification is a certification issued by the UNWTO, a specialized agency of the United Nations, to support the quality improvement of tourism education and training programmes around the world. By achieving the UNWTO.TedQual Certification, Jordanian universities can be recognized as providing high quality tourism education that is competitive on an international level, and thus position Jordan as the Middle East’s center of excellence in tourism education. 


Deans, heads of departments and professors representing 9 universities and colleges around Jordan attended the workshop to learn about the TedQual certification and how they can achieve it. USAID/Siyaha will then support up to three institutions interested in applying for the certification, through setting up and implementing action plans that guide a series of improvements to meet the TedQual criteria and the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.


All higher education institutions that offer tourism and hospitality programs and are willing to obtain this international certification will be part of a continuous quality improvement process that integrates the UN purposes and principle.


TedQual offers a range of benefits to education institution. Certified institutions will be able to take part in mentoring and exchange programs, gain international support to improve their programs, engage in joint research projects, get internship and scholarship opportunities, and also participate as editors or author in the TedQual publications.