6 July 2014

Jordan’s tourism industry is promoting itself as a luxury travel destination through the new Jordan Learning Engagement Advisor Program (LEAP) marketing campaign supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB).


The campaign is concentrating on Virtuoso, the world’s leading luxury leisure consortium, and is educating Virtuoso’s travel agents about Jordan’s best attractions, resorts and hotels. Through the USAID grant, JTB is hosting a series of live training webinars targeting over 6,000 of Virtuoso’s North American travel agents.


“Virtuoso is one of the most important travel associations in North America, and partnering with it leverages Jordan in the luxury market,” said Dr. Abdel Razaq Arabiyyat, Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board.


By focusing on Virtuoso’s travel agents, USAID and JTB are expecting Jordan’s tourism industry to break into a new niche: luxury travel.  Four webinar sessions have taken place during the past three months.  The final session took place in the last week of June.  


As part of the LEAP program, 10 Virtuoso travel agents traveled to Jordan in June to learn more about the Kingdom to promote its attractions from first-hand experience.


“Jordan's culture, the warmth of its people, and its dramatic landscape exceeded my expectations,” said Shelane Nunnery, a Virtuoso travel agent who participated in the two-week tour.  “Jordan has something to offer just about every traveler, from its natural beauty, and its traditions and history, to its luxury spas and hotels, fine dining, and upscale shopping”


The Virtuoso campaign is one of JTB’s largest drives, targeting Virtuoso’s 8,900 travel agents in 20 countries. The campaign, supported by the USAID Economic Growth Through Sustainable Tourism Project, is helping JTB train a network of travel agents to have an expertise in Jordan tourism.