Specialized training institute for bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners

21 April 2011

AmmanAs part of efforts to address the shortage of qualified workers to occupy a variety of positions in hospitality, a specialized training institute for bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners will be established at the Marka Vocational Training Center. An agreement was signed today between the Vocational Training Corporation, Employment –Technical and Vocational Education and Training Fund (E-TVET), Syndicate of Bakery Owners, Syndicate of Restaurant and Confectionery Shop Owners, Jordan Restaurant Association, Jordan Hotels Association and USAID Jordan Tourism Development Project to work together to establish the specialized training center. Representatives from the Ministry of Labour (MoL), Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), Jordan Chamber of Industry and Amman Chamber of Commerce witnessed the signing ceremony, which took place at the Vocational Training Corporation.


 “The hotel and tourism vocational training programs are one of the VTC’s most successful programs, and we eager to replicate this in other tourism-related areas, bringing the public and private sectors together to address market needs and secure jobs for young Jordanians,” said H.E. Minister of Labour.


“Jordan’s tourism sector can only move forward if supporting sectors and industries develop in tandem, and this initiative is a great example of that,” explained H.E. Dr. Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.


“Tourism contributes to a significant proportion of Jordan’s food and beverage service sector, and the private sector is happy to support the development and diversification of skills needed by the sector,” said Mr. Essam Fakhreddin, JRA President.


“The culinary experience offered by a country is a big part of tourism and this new program will contribute to improving that experience, as well as broadening career opportunities for Jordanians, said Dana Mansuri, USAID Jordan Deputy Mission Director.


Delegates attending today’s event represented 7,260 related businesses, including bakeries, coffee shops, confectioners, restaurants and hotels. These businesses employ more than 25,000 workers. The institute will serve as a center of excellence offering a variety of training programs in accordance with labor market needs and based on international best practices. The programs target both those who are looking to begin a career working in restaurants and bakeries, as well as employees already working in the industry who wish to develop their skills and gain certification.


The Vocational Training Corporation will run the institute and the E-TVET fund will finance its establishment. Represented by the Syndicate of Bakery Owners, Syndicate of Restaurants and Confectionery Shop Owners, Jordan Restaurant Association and Jordan Hotels Association, the private sector will offer practical training for students, participate in marketing the institute's services, share knowledge and experience through conducting studies designed to identify training requirements, curricula and appropriate programs, provide the institute with training equipment, offer technical expertise and secure jobs for graduates.


The USAID tourism project will help the institute train trainers, support the design of practical training modules, assist in developing educational programs, curricula, educational methods and operational procedures, support marketing activities of the institute and provide assistance in selecting trainees.


This initiative will help increase the number of Jordanians working at bakeries, restaurants and confectionery shops, as currently foreign labor constitutes 70% of the total employees in these fields. The new institute will also enhance the quality of service provided by bakeries and pastry shops, and will open up new job opportunities for Jordanians. The institute will start receiving both male and female students in August of this year.