Grant to Petra Palace Hotel

Petra Palace Hotel received a grant to renovate kitchens to meet food safety and hygiene standards and upgrade kitchen equipment for better food storage and production. The grant will also help the hotel establish a laundry and dry-clean facility. Equipment purchased through the grant includes a garment press air/steam, spotting board, air compressor, vacuum unit, single door fridge, freezer, ice maker, ice flaker, and meat mincer. This 3-star hotel is located on the tourism street in Wadi Mousa. The hotel is undergoing full renovation and expansion to add 40 rooms to its existing by the end of 2009. The hotel has one restaurant that fits up to 120 people. In addition to the room upgrade and expansions, Petra palace is setting up a laundry facility. This will be the second laundry room in a 3-star hotel in Petra, and will increase competition in laundry and dry-clean services, leading to better service quality.