Human resources development

The rapid growth of Jordan’s tourism industry is challenged by a dearth of willing and skilled workers. Based on current planned investments and growth rates, the industry is expected to experience a gap of 25,400 workers over the next five years; this threatens to cause a sharp rise in labor costs and a severe decline in the standards of service, which currently do not meet basic standards of safety and comfort at many establishments. To bridge the availability and skill gap, this initiative will work with the industry, MoTA, and Ministries of Labor, and Higher Education (MOL, MOE, and MOHE) and Education, and Vocational Training Corporation to adopt a national strategy to rapidly expand the availability of educated and trained employees and managers. Other tourism entities across the value chain, such as tourist transport, operators, recreation parks, and guides are also in need of improved standards.

The goal of this initiative is to transform Jordan’s tourism product through world-class service by Jordanians and provision of superior experiences by investors and entrepreneurs. Thus, the project seeks to build the capacity of human resources across all major sectors of the tourism industry to ensure excellent standards of services, and improve the quality of hospitality and tourism enterprises for a safe and distinguished experience.


03 January 2011

Support for Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) marketing activities through on-line networking, TV & Radio shows and better deployment of print media.

01 December 2009

Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration was awarded two grants to help building Department of Archaeology's capacity. The first grant is mainly for institutional and technical...

18 June 2009

Jordan Tourism board (JTB) has received a one- year grant to conduct market survey in the UK market which aims at understanding behaviors of British travelers and the triggers that affect their...

20 April 2009

Jordan Inbound Tour Operators received a JD 70,800 grant that started in April 2009 in order to support efforts to strengthen public and private tourism institutions, enhance visitor experiences,...

02 April 2009

The Jordan Tourism Development Project ІІ awarded 16 grants to hotels and restaurants in Wadi Mousa. These grants aim to support eight hotels and nine restaurants to upgrade their facilities and...