Enhancing visitor experiences

The USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project II will support development of authentic tourism products and services that offer visitors unique multi-sensory experiences rooted in Jordan’s culture and that capitalize on its archaeological and natural resources. The project's approach is to respond to changing consumer preferences and build on the best practices available internationally while ensuring long term sustainability and private sector involvement whenever possible.

This transformation requires sustainable tourism projects that respond to changing consumer preferences in the international marketplace, and build on best practices in private sector involvement while ensuring conservation and replicability. Support will be extended to MoTA, DoA, NGOs, local communities, and the private sector through improved site development, management, and interpretation to revolutionize Jordan’s product offering and ensure these new competitive advantages are brought quickly to the market to attract higher-value visitor segments.

This initiative seeks to enhance the visitor experience through improved products and sites.


01 April 2009

Petra Palace Hotel received a grant to renovate kitchens to meet food safety and hygiene standards and upgrade kitchen equipment for better food storage and production. The grant will also help...