Our Team

Ibrahim Osta
Chief of Party
Phone ext.: (500)

HR, Quality Assurance and Industry Development

Rami Fakes
Workforce Development Specialist
Phone ext.: (315)
Joseph Ruddy
Component Leader
Phone ext.: (311)
Rawan Atallah
SME Development Specialist
Phone ext.: (210)
Issa Qaqish
Institutional Development Specialist
Phone ext.: (213)
Samira Al-Majali
Northern Region Field Manager
Phone ext.: (316)
Haya Madanat
Project Support Coordinator
Phone ext.: (314)

Site Development and Presentation

Abeer Al Refai
Project Management Specialist
Phone ext.: (214)
Maysa Shahateet
Component Leader
Phone ext.: (212)
Suleiman Farajat
Petra Region Manager & Petra Archaeological Park Advisor
Zaid Masannat
Senior Architect
Phone ext.: (230)
Halla Khayyat
Project Coordinator
Phone ext.: (222)

Marketing & Experiences

Amjad Sawalha
Component Leader
Phone ext.: (221)
Dala Al-Moghrabi
Administrative Assistant
Phone ext.: (217)
Tala Al Momani
Tourism Development & Marketing Specialist
Phone ext.: (211)

Communications department

Ahmad Qaisieh
Graphic Designer
Phone ext.: (452)
Muna Al-Alul
Communications Specialist
Phone ext.: (453)

Program Support

Amal Namrouqa
Project Coordinator
Phone ext.: (110)
Fadia Husseini
Program Support Component Leader
Phone ext.: (411)
Wafa Qassis
Operations Manager
Phone ext.: (410)
Fred Nustas
Property Manager
Phone ext.: (417)
Lutfe Awayes
Driver / Expeditor
Nidal Jarrar
Mohammad Farajat
Ahmad Abu Sharifeh
IT Specialist
Phone ext.: (420)
Ahmad Zaidan
Accounts Officer
Phone ext.: (446)
Farah Al Asa’ad
Administrative Assistant

Grants department

Evon Warwar
Grants Manager
Phone ext.: (414)
Rula Jaber
M&E Coordinator / Grants Officer
Phone ext.: (413)

Training and events department

Maha Abdelraziq
Training & Events Manager
Phone ext.: (433)